Why You Need To Keep Up With Regular Pest Control 

Did you know that pests can be attracted to your home for various reasons? Many of those circumstances have nothing to do with how well kept or clean your home is either. A common misconception is that if your house is tidy, pests and bugs won’t be interested in making a home there. Although we wish this were always the case, the truth is that Florida pests make themselves comfortable in all kinds of spaces & places – despite the mess, or lack thereof. As your local Sarasota pest control company, we have seen it all! We are here to help you detect just what type of pest may be causing an issue and the solution for making sure it stops immediately. 

Why do I need ongoing Sarasota pest control? 

This is a very common question, and we are happy to dive into this for you to clear up and misunderstandings. Pest control is often seen as a solution to a one-time problem. For example, when you realize you have termites, your home may need to be tented to reconcile the situation, but the services should not stop there. Keeping your home up to date with pest control service checks and routine maintenance will be your best chance at resisting pesky bugs and critters from even making a bigger problem for you in the future. 

Pests are sneaky beings, and leaving them to their own devices is only doing yourself a disservice. Regularly keeping up with our treatment plan will allow you peace to mind – knowing that you are doing what it takes to create an environment they won’t want to set foot in again. 

Do-it-yourself pest control is an option that seems like a good choice when it comes to your budget, but the problem is that these rarely get to the root of any pest issue. Home remedies and store bought products may seem to help at the surface, but more than likely your infestation is hidden, meaning your pests are either going to eventually rear their ugly head again, or find somewhere new in your home or yard. 

Not only do pests bring real damage to your property and belongings, they also pose health risks for your family and your pets. Don’t let them overstay their welcome! Pests can be removed and irradiated from your property with the help of trained professionals and proper treatment plans. That is why we are so passionate about what we do. Sarasota pest control is our speciality, and we want to ensure that your house, special belongings, family, and furry friends are safe from harm. 

At Blue Frog Lawn and Bugs, we are confident that we can assess and treat the pests that are bothering you & your Sarasota County home. Allow us to help you by contacting us today for more information. 

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