Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful All Summer Long

Summer is a season we all look forward to; lazy days, bright blue skies, and BBQs. However, it also means keeping up with your backyard and lawn maintenance to ensure it stays healthy and vibrant. Here are some tips to help you keep your lawn looking beautiful during the summer months from your local Sarasota & Bradenton lawn company:

1. Water your Lawn: During the summer, it’s crucial to ensure that your lawn is receiving the proper amount of water. The heat can quickly dry out your lawn, which makes it important to keep an eye on your grass. To ensure that your lawn gets enough water, consider installing a sprinkler system with a timer. This will ensure that your grass is watered at the right time and the water is evenly distributed across your lawn and landscaping using a specific cycle.

2. Apply Fertilizers: Applying fertilizer to your lawn every 4-6 weeks can give it the nutrients it needs to thrive. One of the most important elements in fertilizers is nitrogen, which aids in overall green coloring, growth and root strength of your turf. This is also a great time to consider hiring a professional so that you can be sure your yard is being taken care of the best way that it can!

3. Create Different Zones: You should create different zones in your lawn and landscaping according to the irrigation and soil conditions. If there are patches in your lawn that suffer from poor drainage setbacks, recessed or elevated terrain, or heavily shade covered spots resulting in limited sunlight, you should direct your plantings and irrigation towards better-suited areas.

4. Mowing and Trimming: During the summer months, mowing your lawn is essential. However, do not scalp the edges of the lawn short when trimming your grass. Scalping can stress and damage grass, from removing the crucial part of the blade, which can cause disease.

5. Control pests: Pests also enjoy warmer weather and humidity. Lawn pests such as grubs and armyworm can do significant damage to a lawn. Pests in larger numbers mean more damage to your lawn. Inspect your yard frequently to check if there is any damage causing by pests. Keep in mind that common diseases like Brown Patch or Take-All roots pressure can also degrade lawns, requiring fungicides and special soils as well.

6. Air Circuit: Regularly airing out your lawn is one simple strategy to keep it in good condition during Summer. This requires moving your lawn cleaning and mulching all additional debris, like cut leaves, and dirt, instead of focusing on deep paddle moldings over the soil followed by cleanliness with a lawn rake.

The beauty of lawn and landscaping maintenance lies in the small tasks of upkeep that can have great significance on the beauty and longevity of your lawn. With these tips, your lawn could have a good chance of surviving the intense summer months unfazed and still looking beautiful. By properly watering, fertilizing, trimming, and protecting from pests, lawn care becomes a much easier task. Therefore, don’t let your grass and landscaping become a burden this summer season; take charge of it, until the arrival of the autumn renewal season. Contact us today to see how we can help you take charge of your lawn care.

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