How To Identify and Prevent Common Grass Bugs 

Living in Florida means lots of sunshine, which equates to lots of outdoor time, which is why healthy and beautiful lawns are such a top priority. Your lawn should be an oasis, somewhere to enjoy, to let the kids play and allow the pets to roam, but when unwelcome guests make up residence in your grass, you may be wondering how to get rid of them. If you’re struggling with your lawn staying healthy or pest free, allow your local Sarasota pests control experts to help. With years of experience dealing with lawns just like yours, we are certain that we can help identify the issue and prevent the pests from creating any more problems for you. 

Which type of Sarasota grass bug am I dealing with? 

In our beautiful hot, humid, and tropical environment, bugs will find just about anywhere to thrive. Grass has become a favorite among some common bugs and knowing which you are dealing with will be key in knowing how to exterminate them. Below are some common pests for our area of Southwest Florida.

Cinch Bugs – These are small black bugs with shining white wings that fold over their body. You can commonly find them in the sunny spots of your lawn, sucking the nutrients from the soil and killing your grass. 

Grubs – This is the larvae of beetles and they are a creamy white color with 6 legs. They generally cause harm by eating the roots of the grass leaving behind dead patches that often look brown or yellow. 

Fall Army Worms – Also known as moth caterpillars, these are fast moving and within a short time of hatching can cause damage to your lawn and shrubs. The infestation may look like tan or grayish green bugs with black/brown heads and markings on their body. 

Fire Ants – Maybe one of the most notorious of the Florida grass bugs these ants are not only harmful to humans, they can easily make a mess of your lawn as well. Their mounds they build and their poisonous sting are exactly why you will not want them taking up residence in your yard. 

Sod Webworms – These caterpillars are covered in a fine hair and actually fly at night dropping their eggs below into the grass. In just a small amount of time, your lawn can be infested with these webworms. 

If getting down and dirty in the grass to pinpoint which pest you are dealing with doesn’t sound like a good time to you, then do not worry! We are here to assist you in any way that we can. Our experts are well trained and experienced, so you don’t have to figure this out on your own. We have experience in a variety of areas including preventative Sarasota pest control, pest removal, and pest extermination services. Give us a chance to serve you by contacting us today. Your grass will thank you! 

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