3 Signs You May Have A Pest Control Problem In Your Home

House searching can be difficult even without worrying about a bug infestation. The possibility that a pest issue exists in a property you are considering can be a scary thought as a new homeowner. There are many things to search for when buying a Florida home, and having a Sarasota pest control company on your side is essential to ensuring that you are well educated on the status of the home. 

The reality is that pests are very effective at concealing, but several warning signs might indicate a bigger concern or infestation. Whether you are looking for a house or own one, you want it to be pest-free, right?

Insects can be the underlying cause of various issues in the home, with many businesses trying to control various pests throughout the year, every place is vulnerable to pest invasion. Places where food is processed, kept, or marketed are especially vulnerable to pests and can cause major difficulties if not addressed.

Even though the bulk of bugs are harmless, some can cause serious health problems. It is critical for anyone who performs a job that involves meal preparation and ingestion to be informed of the indicators of insect infestation. Then you may respond appropriately to avoid any serious health hazards affecting your consumer base, yourself, or other staff. When it comes to your personal home, these warning signs are there as well and should be looked at in your kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas especially. As your local Bradenton Pest Control Company, we are here to help you discover any signs that you may have pests in your home and track them down. 

3 Signs For Pest Detection

  • Strange Odors Or Sounds

Insects may emit odors, which professionals can frequently identify. However, if you’ve never faced a bug issue, you might be unsure what to smell for. Mice have a bad odor that is similar to urine. Rats are reported to have a strong smell of ammonia. 

Roaches frequently emit an oily odor, while termites might smell pleasant or musty. Don’t overlook weird odors in your underground, attic space, kitchens, closets, or other areas of your home.

Tiny, unusual sounds can also signal the existence of pests, particularly late at night when the home is silent. Clawing, chewing, screeching, or fleeing sounds suggest that you might have a mouse or rat infestation. Big bugs may occasionally be heard when other sounds are removed, and they may sound like a mild buzz or noise.

  • Pest Excrement

Pest excrement is another indicator of a pest infestation in your house. Most pests deposit their excrement in the areas in which they normally hide. A few of these fecal matters are dangerous to your health.

Brown granular excrement with a foul smell is characteristic of rats and mice. Termites produce small, granular droppings with a strong odor as well. Cockroaches, on the other hand, have odorless blackish or brownish tubular droppings. 

If you discover them in your house, you will want to contact a pest control company immediately. As your local Sarasota County Pest Control company we are here to help you with any pest control problems you may have. 

According to the type of pest and the frequency of the excrement, they may be mistaken for dust particles. They can also disintegrate over time and become tiny grains, rendering them much more difficult to recognize.

  • Increasing Allergy Symptoms

If anyone in your household is allergic to specific insects, you need to be extra cautious. Please inspect your house for bugs if you observe their allergy problems intensifying. Hornet, bed bug infestation, and even certain types of insects can trigger allergic reactions.

Even though these sensitivities are generally not fatal, they can induce discomfort and inflammation. You may also need to purchase certain drugs to ease the symptoms. As a result, tackling the problem at its source, the pests, may be more inexpensive in the long term. 

In need of our services? We are here to help! Contact us today so we can make a plan for your property. 

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